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You can find me on Facebook on my main page, where I post stuff about my parodies and share other content that fits the topic, here

This is my personal page, with all the limitations that Facebook imposes.

Click here, instead, if you want to make your girlfriend happy ;)





I'm on Youtube in multiple ways.

The main page is where I post parodies in italian. Here, doesn't matter if the target is the common man or the Prime Minister.

Same thing happens here, but in english, in the International Channel.

For specific content about the studio and my productions, visit Temple of Noise.

And then there's this, no idea who owns it.





Let me come clean.

I hate cellphones. They are noisy, and to make them stop you'll end up talking with somebody, who really can't live without telling you stuff.

In 99% of cases he could have left a message, but he doesn't really care.

Truth is, I don't have a cellphone, which would make all the Instagram thing useless.

But I get it, I have to keep up, so as soon as I'll buy one you'll be able to find all my useless pictures here.





If you really feel like knowing what I am thinking in a specific moment, or what makes me upset on a given day,

they thought about a perfect tool. Here it is.




So, let's talk about serious stuff... i mean, if it's not serious stuff, don't email me in the first place:)





E-Mail me for business related inquiries at templeofnoise@zoho.eu

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